Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Worth Listening To!

I know it has been a while and hopefully someone out there might still be reading. I have started a little part time job at "The Little Red Wagon". We are an antique Mall that has a little bit of everything. Over 30 vendors, with not only antiques, but new, used, painted furniture etc.
All that said, my summer has been a little busier than I expected, between working and maintaining my own booth. The girl that I work for has a son that has moved to Nashville with his band, "Finding Favour" and here is their single that will be released November 2nd. It can be downloaded from iTunes, and every download will help to support them.
You will be glad you listened. I think this song is a reminder that we all need.
Have a blessed evening!


Miss Debbie said...

Hey stranger! I confess to google your you live in Lyons? I am in Warner Robins. I had thought before that we might live pretty close to one another. My friend and I love to go "antiquing". We will have to come visit your place!:-)

Christine said...

The song is beautiful!
The presentation is really good.
I have several people in mind I will share the song with.
I hope he does well with his music cause he is good!

I thought you were a teacher. Working in a fun store sounds perfect. Have fun.

p.s.phyllis sews said...

That is a really beautiful song and you are right, our time is precious. Very precious.
Thanks for sharing and I will share it with others.

Denise said...

beautiful lyrics, vocals, message, and story telling.

will keep my eyes and ears on the lookout for "finding favour."