Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guess Who's 1

Here's the Birthday Boy before the party.

Getting ready for a little cake.

After a little taste of cake!


Kristen, pajama mama said...

Happy Birthday (is it Judah?)!

re quilting: yes, you've got to start! you will love it! i bought Elizabeth Hartman's book on modern patchwok and it had enough information in there for me to figure out what to do...and there are some great video tuturials on youtube for when i get stuck and want to learn more. it's terribly addictive and a bit expensive, but i'm in love with quilting. boy, that's extreme isn't it? ha! but it really is fun to create something that is useful too and possible become an heirloom-or not :)

let me know if you do decide to pick it up! :)

great set of silver, by the way!

Melinda said...

What a cutie! Seems to be
enjoying his cake.


Christine said...

First Birthday's are so special.
It looks like he enjoyed his cake. Cute picture with his cute little hands, squishing the cake.

Runner Mom said...

How absolutley precious!!! I cannot believe that he is one! He has gotten so big! It was so good to connect with you too on FB! Three months is qutie a while to be away, but life keeps you busy. Are you still subbing? I have a few times and have loved every minute with those cuties! Enjoy your day!!

Jennifer said...

One already - doesn't seem possible!! Too adorable:)

Christina said...

Hi Jackie,

Your grandson is so precious. My how time flies. They grow up so fast.
He has such beautiful eyes.