Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Hobby

For quite some time I have wanted to learn to crochet, so when the opportunity to take a class at our local technical college came up, I gave it a try. The teacher just happened to be my sunday school teacher, so I have access to her help outside of class. My goal was to learn enough to make some pretty dishcloths, and I am excited to say that I learned just that, and a little more.
The bag I started using for my supplies, became the color inspirations for this granny square afghan that I am working on.
and here's a little closer look.
It is not perfect for the first try, and I saw my mistake a little further down the road, than where I wanted to go back and pull everything out, but improvement will come with practice.
Another added bonus is that in the few classes I have had, I was able to teach my daughter to crochet during my last visit to her house, and she has been going at it, trying new patterns, and even tackled making some little flowers. I can't wait to see all that she has done. How about you, what new things have you learned lately?
Have a blessed week.


mary beth said...

Good for you Jackie! I would love to know how to crochet, but I don't want to try to learn! How sick is that? I love the granny square afghans in the new fun colors! You are going to have some fun now...especially when you see the adorable things you can make for your little grands!

Miss Debbie said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I do a little crocheting. I hope to make a blanket for our new grandbaby as soon as we know if it should be pink or blue!! :-)

Jennifer said...

I have always wanted to learn a hobby that I do with my hands..if that makes sense. You know, knit, crochet or sew...but, I have never found the right teacher. Your work looks great for a beginner:)

Such a nice talent -

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Great work on the dishcloths! Crocheting is such a great portable craft. I like doing the dishcloths while riding the bus to work.

Melinda said...

Congratulations on your new skill!
I tried to learn how to do this a loooooooooooong time ago but did not do well AT ALL. I have wanted to try again but I keep putting it off because I guess I think I'll fail again.
Who knows??
Keep up the great work.


Christina said...

Love the colors of the dishcloths and the granny square project. I keep telling Chloe that she needs to get her Nanny to teach her to crochet. Such a great hobby.

Denise J. Hughes said...

Oh, I've always wanted to learn how to crochet. My grandma was fabulous at it.

Your pictures are beautiful.

Wendy said...

They are my favorite dish Clothes. I also love the little scrubbies that can be crocheted!
Beautiful color choice in your granny squares.
Hope you had a beautiful day today.
Happy Easter.

Screaming Meme said...

That looks like fun! I want to start doing that again. I used to know how in high school..I will have to give a try again! I wanted to personally invite you to my Giveaway Series. My first giveaway is beautiful slipcover. If you get the chance stop in and remember to check back and see what I am giving away next. :) Hope to you see there!