Thursday, March 24, 2011

The sky is falling?

No, the sky was not falling. While I was outside painting this morning I heard a loud thump,thinking that it was probably a dead limb falling from this huge oak tree in our back yard.
Much to my surprise, it was this!!!
It had fallen out of the tree, right next toEdgar(our dog)!
This is the snake stretched out across the limb after he had climbed back up into the tree.
We are guessing that he was at least 6 feet long!
I know you must be thinking, why is he not dead?
I was asking my sweet husband the same thing, to which  he replied that it was a good snake and he just didn't have the heart to get rid of him. The idea of that dropping out of the tree next to me is not a pleasant thought at all. He has promised if he drops in again, he will have to go. Check out how calm the bird is! That was my excitement for the day, how about you?


Unknown said...

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mary beth said...

Oh my stars and garters! That is making my skin crawl just thinking about it and now I think I'm going to be looking up everywhere I go! I always keep a lookout for them on the ground...but now...Thanks Jackie, now I don't even want to go out of the house! :)

Miss Debbie said...

Scary! Our 4 yr old grandson had a encounter wit a 4 ft rattlesnake this past week. Grateful that his dog and his dad were close by. HE IS DEAD.... no second chances for him! :-)

Victoria said...

Aaaaah I have the heebie jeebies here. :)

We had "good" snakes at our last house too. For some reason, they really liked the carport and my door! After the same snake found his way there 2 times he was taken miles away and dropped off. ;)

The two I found in my storage room off my carport when my husband was out of town ended up DEAD. :)

Hope you are doing good!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hungry snakes prowling through trees: happened at our place one time too. I was so glad my husband happened to be home when it happened as it really freaked me out too!

Christina said...

Oh, I'm terrified. Good snake just doesn't sound right, but I know there are. : )

Hope he stays away.