Friday, October 22, 2010


I've just finished reading this.
This was not just another "christian " book, with information that we have heard before. Actually we have heard this before, in the Bible.
 Here is an excerpt from the book:
"The reality is, we need community in order to follow Christ radically. I am convinced that one reason may of us have not taken radical steps in our giving, for example, may not be so much because we love our possessions as it is because we fear isolation.
If the radical, simple living we see Jesus talking about were more common in the church, it would be much easier for us to live simply as well.
But we look around, and everyone else has nice cars, nice homes, and lifestyles characterized by luxuries, so we accept that this must be the norm for Christians.
We may get convicted about our way of living when we look at the Bible, but when we look at one another, we assume it must be okay because everyone else lives this way." pgs. 205-206 Radical

This statement rung true for me. Radical lays out challenges that may not be comfortable. It will challenge you to think differently from what we have accepted as norms among the christian community. In short, it will challenge you, to  live a lifestyle for the glory of God, radical living by today's christian standards.
I was interested to learn more about David Platt, and how the Brook Hills Church was living this out. For more go here. For more on Radical the experiment go here.

Have you read it? if so, what are your thoughts?
Have a blessed weekend.


Gwynie Pie said...

Oh YES!!! Our church is presently reading this book together, then using it in our community life small groups and our pastor is preaching a series on becoming radical.

Incredible! I have been humbled, shamed, excited and absolutely joyful about hearing the gospel in such a profound way.

This has stirred up our entire church to do some pretty radical things as the LORD lays them on hearts and opens doors.

So glad to connect with you in this way. :)

Gwynie Pie
@ The Pink Tractor

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think I need to buy this book! Thanks for sharing...((hugs)) Susie~

Tara said...

Haven't read it. Sounds like a good one. We all need to be more radical for Christ, don't we.

Victoria said...

I have seen several people mention the book but am glad you shared a little more about it! I will have to check it out.

Hope Grandbaby is doing wonderfully!

Amber said...

Ewww! You're the second or third person who has blogged about this book. Now I really want to read it!