Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Little Blue

We are feeling a little blue around here. This sweet girl is missing her Mama and baby once again. She hasn't had a chance to really figure out all of this baby stuff. I am keeping her until her Mama, can tend to her and baby.

This sweet boy and his Mama were here for several days, and my boy came to see his little nephew for the first time. They were all here, and left yesterday, so it's just me and the girls . It gets really quiet when everybody leaves, so I will be trying to make some progress with the closet, and getting ready to do some painting around here. Have a blessed week.


Unknown said...

Poor baby. I hope he's united soon.

mary beth said...

Congratulations ...that is one beautiful baby! Poor puppy! I know how he feels, but he will soon learn that he has a new best friend! He does look pretty forlorn though!

Miss Debbie said...

Such a sweet baby! I remember that first very special. Glad you are getting to spend time with him!

Melinda said...

So very cute--both of them!

Good luck on your closet.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness - that little boy is perfection:)