Monday, October 18, 2010

Grandmother's Things

A few weeks ago my Mom called to see if I would like anything from my great grandmother's house. Relatives that were living in the house would be moving, and having to clear some things out. It was so odd, how I could remember certain things and where they were located, actually thinking that they were probably no longer there.
This sideboard was always in the large entry way of way of her house. We used to go over the day before Christmas eve, her birthday, to celebrate with a huge dinner with all of the family. All o fthe kids used to take off our shoes and skate in the hallway on her hardwood floors, where this piece sat. It was still there.

This dresser was in her bedroom, and since Ansley was needing a dresser for Judah's room, I asked for it if it was still there. It was still in Grandmother's room.  

There was this little old wooden high chair that was hidden away in the attic. My mother mentioned it, and I thought it would be the perfect high chair when Judah visits.
Paint or Stain? What do you think? 
This rocking chair, that will have to lose the flame stitch cover. I hope to be rocking Judah in this chair soon!The projects are piling up around here, so I have got to get busy! Have a wonderful week.!


Beckypdj said...

What treasures!! I gasped a little when I saw the high chair, so cool to have that :)

I like the fabric on the chair, but understand you will have to change it to make it fit among your things.

Congrats on your treasures and look forward to seeing them re-furbished.

Miss Debbie said...

What a special blessing to have some of your grandmother's things. I have my grandparents bed and dresser, so I know how delighted you must be!

Christine said...

What trasures!
That highchair is adorable.
I'd add your personal touch.

Runner Mom said...

These are beautiful! My grandmama had the same sideboard! Those handles look identical! What precious treasures.
Love you!

Jennifer said...

What wonderful - and precious - projects!!

Melinda said...

Great pieces fro you and I bet great memories too.


Cindy said...

great pieces...i'm sure your great grandma would love that you have her things. i love your sideboard. i recently redid one that i picked up at a flea market. i painted mine and it turned out fabulous. i love the dresser too!!!

have fun with your treasures....