Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have said so many times before, that FALL is my favorite time of year! Right now I am wishing for those cooler fall days. We had a little tease a couple of weeks ago, and now the AC is running again! Along with fall comes the opportunity to bring out a few decorations. We are not into Halloween at all, so I prefer all of my decor to remain simple and natural. I picked up this old fashioned pumpkin this afternoon. I have another for the kitchen table (as soon as I get it cleaned off. I have a few artificial pumpkins, and I may or may not pull these out. Right now I am just into plain and simple.

How about you, how are you decorating for fall?


Jen Kershner said...

I've not really decorated for fall but that's just because most of my stuff is in storage! I'm loving every moment of this weather though. Wish it could last forever.

Melinda said...

Still working through this.


Miss Debbie said...

Love your pumpkin! I posted pix of my fall decor a while back. It is finally feeling like fall today! Yea!

Unknown said...

I starting decorating in September.