Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update and Tying one on!

Progress on the closet/bedroom clean-up came to a screeching halt Friday, when, I got the stomach virus. As much as I tried, and wanted to I slept, except for the periods of time while I was otherwise occupied. I hope to have an update and some pictures possibly by Tuesday.

Just as soon as I was able, here's a little project that I needed to complete.

Shower invitations for a couples shower that I am helping host.

So easy to make, and a fraction of the cost of custom invitations. With the exception of the bandanna fabric and envelopes, I had everything to make the invitations. Total out of pocket cost for the items that I did not already have was $7.05.  In my effort to clean out, I am also trying to use what I have on hand, as opposed to buying more. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

those are darling invites. It seems like the stomach bug is already starting to go around. ugh! I hope you're feeling better!

Melinda said...

Very cute! Love the bandana fabric.


Ginny said...

Hope you're feeling better. Thanks for your sweet note, btw. I, too, had a stomach bug, but am thinking yours was much milder than mine - I'm still recovering.

The invitations are adorable!

Tara said...

Hate those tummy bugs! Had them and don't like them at all. Hope you are feeling much better.
Love the invites. Great way to cut some corners and clean out too.

BECKY said...

ADORABLE invitations gal! And cheers for using what you have! That's where I am right now, too!
So sorry about the stomach flu. Praying that you feel 100 % soon!

Jessica Morris said...

Very cute invites!!

Blaine told us the exciting news about baby Judah!! :) Congrats Grandma!

Christina said...

Way late, but hope you are feeling much better.

I love the bandanna fabric and brown paper/combo. You are having so much fun getting ready for that little guy. Using what you have is so much better than spending money and it seems that more creativity comes out too.