Wednesday, July 7, 2010

While away........ were a few things that made me smile.

Big blue hydrangeas,

an old wheelbarrow,

HUGE oaks out back where my daughter works,

this big old cow,

and a trailer full of watermelons. Yes, they were delicious!
What has put a smile on your face recently?


p.s.phyllis sews said...

Thanks for asking........
playing the piano, cheesy basil biscuits, telephone call with daughter and quiet evenings spent sewing/TV watching with hubby.

Melinda said...

For me it would be--new babies,
friends cookouts, cheetos, fireworks, cooler weather, my husband and I could go on and on.


Victoria said...

Love those old oaks!

Kisses and hugs from my Sweet Girl, cookout with family, watching my Sweet Girl's face light up while watching fireworks, the thrill of finishing some projects...:)

Jennifer said...

For me - long chats about nothing really with my brother...just he and I (something that rarely ever happens!)....travelling across the country together! Great memories:)

Debbie said...

Those live oaks with the Spanish moss are lovely and make a beautiful picture! I'm convinced that you just can't be outside for five minutes without seeing something that makes you smile. You need only look around.