Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time Out

I have had a little "Time Out" here. This was not intentional, but just how it has been. This is the time of year that we go into "outage mode". Simply put, my husband will be working 5
12 hour nights with one night off every 5 days and it rotates each week. For the next 2 months we will not have much time together at all. This is a very tiring time for him, but we are blessed and so thankful that he has a job. This means whatever I do, it is for the most part by myself.

Friday I will head out to my daughter's to help get things ready for her and her husband to finally move in. This house has been months in the remodeling stages and they have done much of the work themselves. I thought I would give you a few previews, and hopefully share some much better pictures when I get home. I didn't realize how bad the lighting is on the pictures. I assure you that the colors are not like what you are seeing. These were taken a month ago when we delivered her washer and dryer and wedding gifts that had been stored at our house. I have to say I am just a little jealous of her kitchen. Her cabinets are beautiful and the countertops have a granite look. I love it! I don't have the before pics but the transformation has been amazing! It is a work in progress, and I am excited for them to be finally moving in. of you are

I know this looks like School Bus yellow, but it is NOT!

A peek at the main bathroom.
Hopefully we will be adding a few finishing touches,
and I will have some better pictures. Better, in my
ability to take them.
Hope you are having a blessed week! Jackie


April said...

Sorry you're going to have a tough time with your hubby's schedule...hang in there! Your daughter's home is really that sink! Can't wait to see more of it!

Tiffany said...

The house looks great!

I hope you are able to get some things done and rest even though your hubs is busy working.

Jennifer said...

I think the pictures looks great - I am LOVING that bathroom sink! Looking forward to more photos - and have a wonderful time with your daughter!

Runner Mom said...

I too am loving that bathroom sink! Too cool! I read your previous post, and the bag you made is simply adorable! You need to sell those, girl!


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Her kitchen sounds great!

~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about your husband's schedule. Mine was gone all last week, this week and will be gone next week too. I am not complaining though because he still has a job unlike a lot of other men.

I love their bathroom vanity.


Shannon said...

I am jealous of her kitchen too! I love all those windows over the sink and her light fixtures are beautiful!

Neabear said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your daughter's beautiful house. I'm drooling here.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your daughter has a gorgeous house! I am looking forward to more pix. Don't worry about your picture taking skills...we've all been there!

Victoria said...

I can't wait to see more pictures of your daughters house! The cabinets are beautiful.

Kim Hancock said...

I love their cabinets & windows... what a great space. That vanity is great also!

Anonymous said...

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