Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Neighborhood Yard Sale

I am in the process of organizing a neighborhood yard sale. If no one else in the neighborhood has one I will. I have a room, that seems to be accumulating stuff daily. I am in the process of deciding what things I really want to hang on to and what it is time to let go of. Both of my children have brought home additions to the sale so I have definitely got to get busy. The flyers have been made and delivered to the neighbors so the only thing left is hopefully there will be some participation.


**Have any of you ever organized a neighborhood sale, and what was helpful in getting participation?
**How do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of?

I usually err on the side of getting rid of more than not enough, then sometimes wish I had not let it go, like the dresser and chest I sold for little of nothing, and now wish I had it back for the bedroom that needs a dresser and chest. How about you, is there a yard sale in your future?


Blogger said...

I have never organized one, but I participated in one.

She collected $ from everyone participating to cover the newspaper ad expense and the balloons. She also asked everyone to fill out a little form listing items we would have for sale.

Then on the morning of the sale, her husband came to my house with a few balloons for me to tie to my mailbox and flyers that I could pass out with the other addresses of the sales in the neighborhood with a list of things for sale at each home.

I wish you luck with your sale...I wish our neighborhood would have another sale, I guess I could try to organize one...hmmm...

Bella :)

Unknown said...

I love to go to neighborhood garage sales. Bella has great suggestions. It is almost like a carnival atmoshpere if you can get lots to participate! LOL

The Beauty Bargainista said...

Man girl, all I can say is you got guts! I would no more oranize a neighboorhood sale then I would shoot myself in the head! lol But, best of luck to ya! LOL!!!! :) Nah, I know you will do great! I wish I had some more insite, my "hood" doesn't "organize" very well! lol

Darlene said...

I have never organized anything like that but a lot of times our neighbors will mention around that they will be having a sale and a bunch of us get it together to have one too. When several houses on one street have a sale there are always tons of people.

Well, if you let something go and now you miss it you can just go yard saling and find the next perfect item you must have for that
Good luck on your sale....if I lived close I would be there!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know if you already had your neighborhood yard sale, but I thought I'd comment anyway. Our neighborhood does one every year in September. I also have lots of experience helping others with their yard sales. I get the best success when I clean up the stuff I sell. I call it "marketing". I also arrange things in a "cute" way, and put similar colored objects together. clothes sell well when you button them up and tie up loose belts etc. If there's a lot of little things, put them all in a zip-lock bag and write one price on it. I don't often sell furniture unless I'm desparate to get rid of it. I'd rather bless someone who really needs it, or donate it to an organization in town that gives things to the needy population in our area. If I'm unsure about something, I error on the side of caution and keep it. I can always sell it at the next yard sale! Hope this helps!