Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wedding Days

This summer is flying by! Whatever happened to the Lazy, hazy days of summer?

Soon we will have a wedding upon us, 
but until I can share about our wedding I will share a few pictures of
this beautiful wedding that we attended in Maryland. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's June Already!

So much for slower days in June.
My sweet husband has been to Turkey and back. 

I did get a lot done around the house while he was away,
but thought I was capable of getting much more done. 

Sometimes I forget I am not 25 any longer. 

Hydrangeas are in full bloom!
Just wish they lasted all summer. 

I will be helping my boy move from Charlotte this weekend. 

My little ones are coming to visit this next week.
That is sure to mean a busy week!

Temperatures are well into the 90's here, and the humidity is something else!
It seems like not too long ago we were complaining about how cold it was,
but we definitely have the heat   now!

Rehearsal dinner is planned!

My boy has a new job, and this is what they are working on.
He is working for Holder Bros Timber Frames.
want to see more of their unique projects go here.

We have a wedding to attend in Maryland, wedding showers,
and who knows what else will be happening. 
It is looking like a busy summer!
Would love to hear what you are up to this summer. 


Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Things have been busy around here for the past couple of weekends, 
 but, a good kind of busy. 

The last weekend in April, we headed to Augusta to help with this.
My son's fiance organizes this event for children with varying disabilities.
Their own race where they bike, run and swim.
What a joy it was to sit and watch as their smiling faces crossed the finish line. 

Then this past weekend, it was on to Florida, so this little guy could have a camp out.
It was a little rainy, so fortunately they have a huge covered porch, and we set the tent up, 
were able to roast hot dogs, and have a fun time camping out .

Here he is totally excited about the tent!
You can also get a good look at his DIY haircut.

This little girl had so much fun,
 she bounced herself to sleep quite quickly on more than one occasion.

and here's Papa with his two happy campers!

Tomorrow it is on to look for a place to hold the rehearsal dinner for out
upcoming September wedding.